Metropolitan Trivandrum

by Blog | 22-02-2018 | 4506 views

While the title maybe a bit soon to be true, one can be assured of its future considering the current growth of our humble district and the advancements in several fields it is going through, its almost certain that will Trivandrum will be recognized as a metropolitan city of India.

Growing up in the capital district of Kerala I personally have had countless ‘district wars’ with my fellow school and college mates regarding how my district of Trivandrum is atleast one step ahead of theirs.

The winning fact that I used to deploy was the countless untold riches that lies at Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the world renowned beaches and tourist destinations that Trivandrum is heavily praised for.

Counter argument for this was regarding the absence of nightlife and malls in the capital city. Even though I have never directly agreed these two facts as a downfall during my argument days, these two points remains true. In Trivandrum most shops wind up around the time of 9pm and there is hardly anyone on the streets after 10p.m. The mall argument has become null as 4 luxurious malls are set to open in a short span of just 2 years. And as for the nightlife, with Asia's largest IT Park- technopark and the emerging Techno city, nightlife in Trivandrum will surely have budded.

Our kids might talk about Trivandrum the same way we talk about the present day Bangalore and hopefully we can eliminate all the bad that comes with this urbanization and reap the benefits of all the good.

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