CPM's Policy not a Political Violence: Sitaram Yechury

by Politics | 22-02-2018 | 344 views

Thrissur : CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on today said political violence  is not a part  of the party’s policy. Delivering his inaugural speech at the  CPM State Conference which began  here , Yechury said the party , will defend any attack on its workers. However, Yechury said there have been some aberrations from the part of CPM as far as politicl violence is concerned. “We will correct if there are aberrations . Political violence is not our culture . We will defend if   we are attacked . We will take on opposing  forces democratically. RSS is mainly responsible for the political violence in the state, he said .

Criticising the policies of the Centre, Yechury said when scams  rocked UPA Government, Modi called Manmohan Singh ‘Maun’ Mohan Singh because Manmohan Singh had kept quiet  on these scams . “Now we have to call our prime minister  Modi as Maunendra Modi  because  he  also keeps mum on various scams.”  He, however did not refer to the recent murder of youth  Congress functionary  Shuhaib, which has sparked a huge political debate in the state.

Yechury  noted that it is nearly impossible to strike deal with the neo – liberal policies. He also called on the party workers to stand united at a time when the party is facing huge challenges.

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