Yechury urges comrades; not to focus on kerala only

by Politics | 23-02-2018 | 385 views

Thrissur :  In  a veiled defence of  his proposal for an alliance with the Congress at the national level , CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury said his fellow  comrades in  kerala should not be considering the political situation in kerala only .

Inaugurating the CPM State  Conference in here , Yechury said  like in kerala, the party should strengthen the mass movements in other states to defeat the central government’s anti- people  policies. He urged the comrades to take  up discussions in this regard at the Conference.

Interestingly, majority  of those who vehemently opposed any deal with the  congress  at the Central Committee meet were the party leaders from  Kerala. Going with the party’s organizational  rules , no one should speak against the declared policies of the party. Therefore, Yechury opted to start debate by pointing out the prevailing political situation  in India  and the opportunities that offers.

He also  said the draft political resolution  adopted by the party leadership at the  Central Committee is not final .The resolution has clearly  ruled out any understanding  or electoral  alliance  with the Congress. But in the upcoming elections, appropriate plans will be worked out to integrate  anti- BJP  votes, he added .

“In CPM, the  draft resolution  is adopted  in a democratic manner. All party members and factions will be allowed to present  their views. Other parties are completely  unaware of such a process. That is why they are opposing a democratic policy formation procedure", he said.

The time demands action to salvage  the secular Indian democratic republic . Under the BJP rule , the country is being subjected to a four pronged attack.

Slamming the Centre, Yechury said at the International level, India has been reduced to the status  of a junior  ally of the US . He also attacked the centre  for aggressively pursuing  neo–liberal  economic policies, undermining  democratic institutions and pursuing communal policies.

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