Dubai: Smart Dog to ensure home security

by Technology | 23-02-2018 | 559 views

The Dubai Police display Home Security Smart Dog for an extra pair of cameras to guard home. A model was displayed as part of the UAE Innovation month exhibit at the City Walk in Dubai.

“The smart dog weighs 35kg. It has a CCTV camera atop with 360 degree view which is wifi enabled. It can transmit images directly to the house owner or to the police operations room,” said Abdulsalam Alhammadi, chief executive officer of Innovation Kingdom, the company that is building the device in cooperation with Dubai Police.

The smart dog can not only produce sounds but it also has a sound input so it can understand when people talk to it. It can sit,stand,walk on the ground and even shake hands. It is equipped with distance sensors which allow it to identify when people are coming from far away and give warning signals to the house owner.

“This is a stage 1 device and it is aimed at securing homes and embassies in the UAE. We are working on the next model which will be focused on securing communities as a whole and catching criminals. It may take another year to come up with that model,” he added.

They are also working with the Dubai Police to make the smart dog run for long distances, enable it to identify narcotics and other banned substances.  

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