Finally CPM realized; poor people are not with party: CPM Organizational Report

by Kerala | 23-02-2018 | 369 views

Thrissur : Finally, the CPM organizational report stated that the poor people of the society are not with party any more. Majority of the destitute were supporting  the party but it is changing now. This has to be examined seriously, said the report.

The number of party members keep increasing as time passed but there is quality degradation. CPM is not growing into an independent power. The growing  influence of BJP poses threat immensely. It has to be prevented propagating secular ideologies and science and technology and also organizing protests, the report said.

CPI is the next state –wide influential party after CPM in LDF. Other parties are influential in some centres only. So, the populare base of the party should be improved. The report also pointed out that the individual desires to achieve positions in the party is a violation of the party rules.Such unhealthy tendencies seeped into lower levels from the  leadership.

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