Forest officials lynching in Madhu; Says Madhu's sister Chandrika

by Kerala | 24-02-2018 | 769 views

Palakkad : More Statements are coming out regarding the involvement of forest officials in the lynching of the tribal youth Madhu in Attapadi. Chandrika, Madhu’s sister, has said that it was the forest officials who provided all the help to the people who attacked Madhu.

“Usually the forest officials do not allow anyone else other than adivasis to enter the forest area. Or else you will have to produce an identity document. But the forest allowed almost 20 people to enter the jungle without any of these documents. Also, it was the forest officials who showed Madhu to the mob.” she said.

The people caught of madhu from he lived in the valley of Malliswara Mudi, alleging that the stole rice and other food items from the shops in the area. He was caught while he was preparing food. The mob then trashed him brutally. He was paraded out of the forest with much booing. There was also the forest department’s jeep escorting the mob. Madhu got beaten up in the presence of the forest officials.

“When he asked for water after getting tired by the beating, water was shoved into his nose,” says Chandrika.

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