Advantages of Drinking Water in the Morning

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In Ayurveda and all ancient cultures propagate the importance of water consumption to cure various ailments as well as shed some kilos in our body. It’s meant to be implemented in the morning on an empty stomach and it is simple to  put into practice,a virtually free! However, there are some important rules  to remember.                                                       exclusive malayalam news

The basic control recommended by experts is as follows :

Immediately upon waking in the morning, drink  1litre of water, which is equivalent to 2-4 glasses of water.

Do not  eat or drink anything else for 1 hour prior to and after drinking the water. Do not consume  and after consuming the water.

Do not consume any alchohol beverages the night before.

 At first time, it may be difficult to drink 1. Liters of water at onet time ;  however, body will gradually get  accustomed to the protocol.

However.There are  5 Benefits  of Drinking Water  In the Morning  .They are following :

Metabolism booster
Water therapy can boost  metabolism by up to 25 per cent,which, in turn, will help us to shed excess fat. And if you exercise, then your metabolism will boost to another level altogether.

Skin cleanser
As the toxins are eliminated from our body, we will find that \our skin and hair will acquire a glow that would never have seen before. The lemon will add to the detoxification and the alkalising effect will clear out your skin issues. For chronic skin problems, it is best to see a specialist.exclusive english news

When we drink clean, clear alkalising water  in the morning, our body system starts to respond in so many different ways. Studies show that water therapy can help prevent and eliminate rheumatoid arthritis and other issues like migraine, headaches and constipation.

Purifies colon

Since you consume water first thing in the morning and then wait for an hour to actually eat anything, the colon gets a chance to eliminate a lot of toxins as well. When we are flushing the system with warm alkalising water, the colon benefits by eliminating what's in the system.

Balances lymph system
Most of our body's water comprises of lymphatic fluid. It flows much slowly because the heart does not pump the lymphatic fluid. With water therapy, the lymphatic system is instantly activated; it also eliminates toxins out of the body. This enables better absorption of nutrients in the cells and hence better nourishment and repair of cells.

A Japanese medical society has also found water therapy to be a 100% cure for arthiritis to throat diseases. Research proves that water therapy can cure these conditions very rapidly on its own – with no other medical treatments .

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