The Media Blemish

by Blog | 28-02-2018 | 4426 views

Superstar Sridevi's sudden death has shocked the film industry and the entire Indian populous as a whole. While her family and fans are still mourning their loss several Indian media agencies took it upon themselves to rise up theories regarding her death. The initial reports were about the harmful effects of cosmetic surgeries and the use of Botox treatment. However after the Dubai authorities released her death certificate which confirmed that the leading cause of death was ‘accidental drowning the media again started their farce. Let me state some examples:

ABP News headline was ‘'Sridevi's last 15 mins in the bathroom', to think the lack of basic common sense in the editor who approved this title.

Aaj Tak had the anchor speak with a background of the bathtub and Sridevis portrait above it.

Telugu TV9 went so far as to morph an image of Sridevi lying dead in the bath tub while her husband Boney Kapoor looked on. The images of the alcohol bottles in the bath tub were just rubbing salt on the wound.

Republic TV took this as an opportunity to link the death of Sridevi to the death of Sunanda Pushkar.

CNN News 18 also morphed an image of Sridevi lying dead in a bathtub

Mahaa News even had the anchor step into a bathtub that they claim is the same size as the one in question and he explained of how the only way someone could die in this was if they had been intentionally drowned.

I am a firm believer that it is the job of the media to bring out the truth if it has been hidden and asking certain uncomfortable questions is part of their job description but what’s happening in our nation is a mockery of this and these media aren’t interested in bring out any truth, they just wanted publicity in their channel and more viewership. Most of what’s shown and said are robbing a woman and her family of their dignity and showing absolutely no sentiments to the people who still genuinely grieve her death.  

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