Breast feeding Cabins to be set up in all railway stations in kerala; Now mothers can safely feed their babies

by Kerala | 03-03-2018 | 523 views

Kollam : Mothers can now comfortably breastfeed their babies at railway stations. The Rotary Club plans to set up breastfeeding cabins  in all railway stations in the state 2 breastfeeding cabins have been set up in Kollam as part of the project. They  implements the project with the cooperation of railway.

Two cabins sponsored by Royal City were set up in Kollam Railway Station as the initial phase of the project. The cabin painted in pink has a seat for mother , fan, light  and storage space for keeping their belongings. A representative image of breastfeeding has been drawn on the outside of the cabin. Royal City set up the cabins at an expense of Rs 50,000.

The project intends to arrange a safe place for the mothers to breastfeed their children. The cabins were planned to set up in bus stands in the beginning, but later the location was shifted to railway station as the cabins are likely to be misused in bus stands due to the lack of security staff, said Kollam Royal City President Prakashan Pillai. He said that they arranged the facility considering the need for privacy of mothers to breastfeed their babies.

The breastfeeding cabins are set up in the waiting room for ladies. As the new cabins were brought, the authorities plan to set them up in the first and second platforms. Since they are set up in the platforms, the passengers can see the cabins.The project was inaugurated by Rotary Governor Suresh Mathew. The railways had already set up two cabins  in the ladies’ waiting room, but the venture of Rotary Club  is a model, said station manager P.S.Ajayakumar.

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