Historic victory in Tripura; it's a win for democracy over Brute force: Says PM Modi

by Politics | 03-03-2018 | 362 views

New Delhi : Overwhelmed by the huge public support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura Assembly elections, results for which were announced on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the victory as a “win for democracy Over brute force, intimidation”. In a series of tweets, PM Modi sought to assure the people of the northeastern state, where the CPI-M was in power since 1993, of good governance

“The historic victory in Tripura is as much an ideological one. It is a win for democracy over  brute force and intimidation. Today peace and non –violence has prevailed over fear. We will provide Tripura the good government that the state deserves,” he tweeted.

PM Modi also said, “2018 Tripura election will be remembered as an epoch-making one. What my sisters  and brothers of Tripura have done is extra ordinary. No words will be enough to thank them for the phenomenal support towards BJP. We will leave no stone unturned in transforming Tripura.”

“I thank the people of the states supporting the good governance agenda and ‘ Act East Policy’ of BJP and our valued allies. We remain committed to working  fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the people. Time and again, election after election, the people of India are reposing their faith in the positive and development – oriented  agenda of the NDA.  People do not have the time or  respect for negative, disruptive and disconnected politics of any kind, “ he added.

The BJP on today to stormed to power in  Tripura in alliance with the tribal – based IPFT outfit, crushing the CPI-M led Left Front in one  of the  courntry’s last remaining red bastions.

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