Tribal youth Madhu beaten on Previous days of Murder too: Post-mortem report reveals

by Kerala | 04-03-2018 | 500 views

Thrissur : The post- mortem report revealed that the tribal youth Madhu  who was mob lynched in Attappadi was brutally beaten on the previou days of the murder too. The detailed post- mortem report shows that Madhu died of brutal manhandling. Dr. N. Balram, the head of the forensic department of Thrissur Government Medical College, handed over the report to Palakkad RDO.

Nearly 50 bruise marks due to  beating were found on Madhu’s body. Half of the injuries were sustained one or two days before his death. Also symptoms  of beating after tying  him up were found. One of his ribs was broken, when Madhu was beaten with a stick on  the same day of his death.

Madhu had sustained serious head injuries as well. The inflammation  in  brain might have been caused when he fell after a severe blow or the mob forcefully hit  his head against a solid suface. This injury was the major cause of his death. A copy of the autopsy report will be handed over to the family of Madhu.


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