Cockpit window shatters mid-air; causes flight diversion

by International | 04-03-2018 | 365 views

A flight from Manchester to Cancun was forced to divert to Gatwick after a cockpit window shattered in mid-air. Flight BY174 got as far as Dublin when it had to turn around as a safety precaution.

The disruption has left travelers bound for the Mexican holiday haven stranded at the airport until a new flight can be arranged.

‘Took off for Cancun this morning from Man only to be quickly routed straight to Gatwick due to a problem with the plane. Landed and was immediately surrounded by fire engines. No emergency and now parked at a terminal. No news on what it was tho…@TUIUK’ – a traveler Craig Connelly tweeted.

‘If you saw  the damage they made right decision. New flight ETA 1610 on main board now'-Another traveler Joseph Gourvenec reasoned.

The Boeing  787-8 plane was scheduled to leave Manchester at 9.15am but set off at 11.06am.

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