Surprises in Transfer Season

by Sports | 11-08-2017 | 581 views

Every transfer season is filled with surprises but this transfer window had indeed been the pinnacle. The few surprises this time around were

  • Neymar: Last year, the entire world was focused on the 100 million tossed for Paul Pogba by Manchester United. This year, PSG topped this margin by delivering a 220 million for Neymar to make him the most expensive player of all time.
  • Milan: They were always called the sleeping giants but this season they decided to come back to the elite list with a string of impressive signings. As they do not have European competition to worry about, all their focus would be to win the Seria A league.
  • Barcelona: Once considered as the best club ever, it is extremely saddening for their fans when their star players leave their club and foreign players are no longer showing the same interest of joining as they once have. Barcelona during the course of the transfer window was heavily linked with Coutinho, Dembelle and Dybala all of which have been reportedly sidelined.
  • Real Madrid: If you speak of Barcelona, you have to talk about Real Madrid, the 2 super giants of football are always compared and for the past 2 years Madrid having the upper hand over their Catalan brethren. Real usually famous for spending big money this time around failed to dish out the money and even made a profit from the transfer season.
  • Manchester: Both Manchester clubs have spent a small fortune in rebuilding. Mourinho and Pep are known to be big spenders and extremely choosy about who should play under them and this season they sold off players from their respective sides and bought in some big names.

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