Shuhaib's murder; HC orders CBI to probe

by Kerala | 07-03-2018 | 447 views

Thiruvananthapuram : The kerala High Court told CBI to take over investigation of the Shuhaib murder case. The order has come in response to the plea filed by Shuhaib’s parents. Pronouncing the judgement, Justice B Kemal Pasha said that the CBI should probe it as a fresh case in order to bring out the truth. The court felt that the police investigation is not satisfactory and made some harsh criticism against the government.

The Kerala High court had earlier inquired about the motive behind the murder of Shuhaib. It also observed that the conspiracy behind the political murders in Kannur is never brought to light. The government informed the court that all culprits in the case have been arrested and no further investigation is required in the case. It also informed the court that the motive behind Shuhaib murder is personal vendetta. The court raised the crucial questions after hearing the argument from the government side.

The court asked if it is sure there was personal vendetta between the culprits and Shuhaib. The state attorney replied to this that Shuhaib and one of the culprits named Biju had a problem between them. He also informed  the court that the weapons were found based on the statement given by Biju.

When the court asked if the conspiracy behind the incident was clear, the government replied that a detailed probe will be held. In this context, Justice Kemal Pasha asked if the conspiracy behind political murders in Kannur has ever been disclosed. The court also asked if the government does not want the court to hear the case. The case diary will handed over to the Thiruvananthapuram CBI unit.

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