Red And White Stretch Marks

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The stretch marks are a form of harmless scarring on the skin. These marks have an off-colour hue and happen when the skin changes its shape. They usually occur during pregnancy on the belly and commonly on body parts like breasts, thighs, buttocks and arms. With weight changes, bodybuilding or hormonal changes, the skin stretches rapidly causing a tear in the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. This condition begins with an appearance of reddish or purplish marks on the areas where the skin is getting stretched. The marks appear as a band of parallel lines with different colours and texture.

The red stretch marks                                                                                                                                                                                                      exclusive malayalam news
Red-coloured stretch marks are the ones that are just popping on your skin. These marks are fresh and only the beginning of the marks. Such scarring shows the blood vessels through, hence the colour red pops. At this stage, the marks can heal fast by restoring collagen through various topical creams. Even laser treatments like the 'Pulsed Dye' work effectively on such marks which help in renewing the cells and fading the scars.

The white stretch marks                                                                                                                                                           exclusive malayalam news
Such scars have been on your body for a long time. These white or silverish coloured marks are the older ones and can't be treated with topical creams. Treatments like 'Microdermabrasion' can help to improve the texture and give a polished look. However, this treatment will not be able to restore the collagen. Another treatment for white stretch marks is the 'Excimer Laser', which helps to restore the colour. Other light based treatments like IPL and Fraxel can help to improve the texture and fade the colour. Results may vary from person to person for all the above treatments. The white marks are the most stubborn scarring on the skin, as they are tiny tears on the skin. This is one the reasons that there hasn't been any 'perfect cure' for white stretch marks till now.

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