Trump to meet Kim by May

by International | 09-03-2018 | 489 views

President Donald Trump said that he was prepared to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the first US North Korea summit, marking a potentially dramatic breakthrough in nuclear tensions with Pyongyang.

Kim has committed to “denuclearization” and to suspending nuclear or missile tests, South Korea’s National Security Office head Chung Eui-yong said at White House briefing Trump on South Korean officials’ meeting with Kim on Monday.

“A meeting is being planned,” Trump tweeted after speaking to Chung, who announced that Trump expressed  a willingness to sit down with Kim in what would be his biggest foreign policy gamble since taking office.

Chung said Trump, in response to Kim’s invitation, had agreed to meet by May, and a senior US official later said it could happen” in a matter of a couple of months, with the exact timing and place still to  be determined.”

Trump previously said he was willing to meet  Kim under the right circumstances but had indicated that the time was not right for such talks. He mocked US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in October for “wasting his time” trying to North Korea.

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