Won't join BJP at any cost; K Sudhakaran

by Politics | 10-03-2018 | 1040 views

Kannur : Congress leader K Sudhakaran said that whatever happens he will not join the BJP. He also said that he will initiate legal  proceedings against the media who misinterpreted  his statements.

“What so ever happens in my political life, I will not  join BJP. This allegation of the Left Front, if it has caused any misunderstanding in anyone’s mind, it has to be cleared. Opening up about the BJP’s invitation to me was part of the political ethics. BJP is always trying to increase their strength in every state, but I won’t accept their offer” he said.

Sudhakaran also alleged that false information can be spread by people like Jayarajan. “He is in a terrible mental state after losing his dream world. The allegations that Jayarajan and CPM are spreading are part of the strategy that they have adopted to cope with the isolation they are facing due to politics of murder, he added.

“If the CPM is not a fascist party, then which is? CPM itself has stated that Pinarayi Vijayan is a dictator. Dictatorship  is another face of fascism, “ he said.

Sudhakarana also said that writer M Mukundan had earlier said that Pinarayi Vijayan alone can put an end to the violence against Muslim community just like in Gujarat.

He also alleged that the murders , housebreakings and robberies in Kannur are especially targeted at the Muslims in the district.

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