Finland - The happiest country in the world; India behind Pakistan

by International | 15-03-2018 | 765 views

Helsinki:  Finland has captured the title of world’s happiest country for 2018, the latest edition of the UN’s World Happiness  Report reveals.  Not just for citizens, Finland has been adjudged the country having the world’s happiest immigrant population. India, however, was ranked 133, far behind terror-hit Pakistan which was at  the 75th spot. Not just Pakistan, India’s other immediate neighbours such as Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are also more joyful than Indians. Even China is happier than India.

Researchers also looked at the well-being of immigrant populations living in 117 countries and found that the top 10 list mirrors the result of the overall list of world’s happiest countries.

“The most striking finding of the report is the remarkable consistency between the happiness of immigrants and the locally born,” said co-editor Professor John Helliwell of the University of British Columbia, Canada in a statement. “Although immigrants come from countries with very different levels of happiness, their reported life evaluations converge towards those of other residents in their new countries. Those who move to happier countries gain, while those who move to less happy countries lose” though the adjustment of happiness is not complete, as migrants still reflect in part the happiness of their birth country.

The top 10 countries in the current list have  changed a little in the last two years,with the exception of a bit of shuffling. Finland rose from fifth place last year to Norway from the top spot.

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