Family Values

by Blog | 16-03-2018 | 4183 views

May be you are the type of person who rarely stays at home or the person who is quiet at home and retreats to your room while you are home. However recluse you are, growing up in our beloved nation we are indeed taught and even naturally pick up certain family values that go beyond words and understanding. Respecting one’s parents and family comes second nature to us. Even if we get into a screaming contest we dwell upon and regret it later. The words divorce and separation are indeed taken first time with much shock. Even though we try to imitate the westerners in a lot of aspects I sincerely pray we do not adopt their family life style. For them marriage is treated just like a profession that you toss out when you stop being comfortable or not getting what you feel is sufficient from it. The man on the helm of the nation just paid a large sum of money to an adult movie star to keep their affair from a few years back a secret. His son and daughter in law filed for a divorce from what I believe is a 12 year relationship and this pretty much sums up the American life style.

I want all you boys to think about the last time you went home to your mom and talked about what happened on that day, like you did when you were in kindergarten and proudly told your mom that you jumped over two steps and how you girls spent time between your mother and father and actually listened to them about household related matters. Now-a-days more than your parents, more than your siblings, more than your better half you spend more time facing your smart phone and you spend significantly more time with it and everyone knows it. So let’s pray that no amount of technological advancement will ever change the world renowned values us Indians are known for.

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