Man Allegedly Steals Ambulance

by International | 16-03-2018 | 247 views

61-year-old Danny Lee Konieczny allegedly stole a parked ambulance outside the hospital after being frustrated at the long wait times, the incident occurred at The Villages Hospital in The Villages, Florida. The Lake County sheriff’s office reported that Danny was transported to The Villages Hospital after his neighbor rung emergency services, he informed them that Danny was drunk and suicidal. Danny was taken via a Lake EMS ambulance and placed in the waiting room so he could be provided medical care. Danny sat in the waiting room for 2 hours before being frustrated at the long wait times, he headed outside and got into a Sumter EMS ambulance and drove back to his home, 5.7 miles away.

The hospital realized that an ambulance was stolen, fortunately, they were able to locate it as it was equipped with a GPS tracker. Lake County sheriff’s deputies followed the trail led by Danny and arrived at 3710 Gregory Road, at approximately 11:45 pm. The officers saw the ambulance parked in the drive way of Konieczny's neighbors home, the police searched Danny's house and managed to find him hiding in the trunk of a car in the garage.

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