Don't teach my poems; Remove it from Educational Syllabus : Says Balachandran Chullikkad

by Kerala | 19-03-2018 | 541 views

Kochi: Eminent poet Balachandran Chullikkad has saked the authorities to remove his works from the syllabus and not to allow research on his poems. Speaking in a press conference here, Chullikkad said that he is putting forth this demand in the scenario of those who do not have the Knowledge to teach language and literature becoming teachers.

“My poems should not  be taught in schools, colleges and universities. My works should be removed from all syllabi. Conducting research on my poems should not be allowed.Don’t misuse the poems for academic needs,” Chullikkad said.In a statement, Chullikkad pointed out the  reasons for taking such a stand.

“Without checking mistakes in spelling, grammar and ideas, teachers are giving plenty of marks to students so that they will pass. The students are awarded top degrees in the same way. People, who do not have the necessary knowledge and ability to teach Malayalam language and literature, are appointed as teachers on the basis of bribe, religion, caste, political influence and nepotism, “Chullikkad alleged.

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