Humanity in Dogs

by Blog | 19-03-2018 | 3942 views

They say that a kind deed never goes without its reward, in all honesty I thought it was something you tell children so that they grow up to be kind hearted responsible citizens of the society, but very recently I was shown a clear example of this. I had gone on vacation for a month in the states and even though the trip was meant to be nothing but joy and happiness we had to also attend a funeral of the aunt of our designated guide. Few relatives and close friends had shown up, the funeral had gone as per proceedings but the curious thing was there were lot of dogs that waited outside the funeral home and there was lot of amazement and cries surrounding these dogs. I asked our guide what the fuzz is about these dogs and in a broken voice he said that these were the dogs that his aunt used to feed without fail every day. Dogs are indeed faithful creatures and in all honesty I did not think much about this as this was a reaction that any dog owner would come to expect. As I was about to change the subject a very important fact dawned upon me. The aunt lived in another city and she was brought here, meaning these dogs literally came all the way here from another city.

In an age where humans with their own means of transport wouldn’t bother crossing few roads to a funeral, several dogs crossed bridges. Humanity as a society might be thriving like never before but we must never forget the basic human values.  

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