i Phones, Apple Watches accidentally sending SOS alerts

by Technology | 19-03-2018 | 526 views

Several Apple users have been complaining about an unusual activity where their iPhone and Apple Watch devices are accidentally sending emergency SOS alerts to the police when worn or used in a wrong way, as per a report. The wrong usage patterns include sleeping on Apple Watch and a mispress on the iPhone’s button. The Emergency SOS feature was rolled out as part of iOS 11 and watchOS 4, however, it is becoming a nightmare for some users.

According to a report by media, some users who slept on their Apple Watches the wrong way woke up to unwanted calls from the police. Several users took to Twitter to report these incidents. This issue is for iPhones too as the side button triggers the same alert.

“Using his watch as a sleep tracker, he ended up holding down the crown button to trigger an emergency call to the police, who showed up in his bedroom at 1 am,” the report added. A man reportedly said that the police were friendly and helpful and ‘accustomed to watchOS misdials’ like this. The Emergency SOS feature works when a user is in danger or otherwise in need of help. It is a potentially life-saving feature but of course pocket dials are going to be more common than actual emergencies.

Apple is yet to acknowledge this issue that is causing problems to the way people use iPhones and Apple Watches. However, until then, you can disable the feature by going to Settings > Emergency SOS, followed by a toggle off on Autocall option.

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