Apple Developing Its Own LED Screens

by Technology | 19-03-2018 | 541 views

Apple has been working on the development of its own display screens, according to sources . It’s the first time the company has developed its own screen technology, as opposed to buying screens from suppliers like Samsung or LG.

These efforts are being driven out of a secret research and manufacturing facility in Santa Clara, Calif.,. The company uses the facility to develop and test so-called MicroLED screens, which are said to be brighter and more energy-efficient that existing OLED screens, like those being used on the iPhone or AppleWatch.

MicroLEDs are apparently hard to produce, and the company was close to scrapping the product about a year ago. However,more recently,the company was able to successfully test these new displays in a variety of prototypes. However, it could still be a few more years until Apple is ready to use these displays.

Ultimately, Apple is likely going to partner with other companies with existing manufacturing facilities to produce these kinds of screens. However, by developing the technology in-house, Apple is looking to get a head-start on new kinds of displays before they’re more widely available to competitors like Samsung and Google.

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