Kera Gramam to be Implemented in the State        

by Kerala | 14-08-2017 | 630 views

Kochi: The Agriculture Department of Kerala plans to launch the ‘Kera Gramam’ project in the state. It will cover 44 ‘Kera Gramams’ which includes 250 hectares of coconut farming. The government plans to allocate Rs 25,000 INR per/ha for the farmers to implement all needed procedures to kick start the project. An additional Rs 50,000 INR will be utilized for setting up a regional coconut tree sapling nursery in each village. Each ‘Kera Gramam’ will also be given a subsidy of Rs 2,000 to procure a coconut climbing machine. The subsidy will be given to procure up to 60 machines for a coconut village.

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