The Indian Connection to the Cambridge Analytica

by Blog | 30-03-2018 | 6391 views

Unless you have been living under a rock, you all must have heard about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal that rocked the world. A brief recap is that Facebook had sold their user’s data to Cambridge Analytica - a data analysis firm that used this data to tip the scales in the US presidency election. It is also rumored that they might have a share in the Brexit. The latest chapter in this edition includes the former research director of Cambridge Analytica – Christopher Wylie who testified before a British Parliamentary Committee about the involvement of Cambridge Analytica with Facebook and the election.

He also spoke about how they have set up offices and had several times helped certain political parties in regional elections in the largest Democratic Nation in the world – India. Upon further questioning, he revealed that the company had worked for ‘Congress’ and to the best of his knowledge it was this political party that hired the data analytic firm to assist them in their electoral campaign. In a nation where corruption and bribery are manifesting in unimaginable amounts, the type of dirty tricks used by the firm can only be imagined. The same time both Congress and BJP were accusing each other of their association with the firm that broke rules and regulation and violated civilian personal data to achieve their goal. Testifying alongside Mr. Wylie was Co-founder of Personal Data.IO, Mr. Paul Oliver Dehage who said that Mr Paul’s former boss Dan Moresan who ran the operations in India was actually paid by a wealthy Indian Billionaire to ensure the firm plays double agent with the Congress and ensure they lose to their opposition - BJP in the elections. This information was given to him by the team that worked in India.

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