Time For Retribution

by Blog | 31-03-2018 | 7162 views

An age old topic that sprouts itself periodically is how the government, both ruling as well as the opposition are not doing what they are supposed to but rather playing the blame game and pointing the fingers at the other for all the negatives that we see in our nation. Very recently I happened to catch a piece on a popular North Indian show where the hostess spoke about the same. Personally, I believe that not voting or keeping one self from any sort of politics is a blunder because it is our voice that needs to be heard and that must be expressed, but some of her key points got imprinted in me.

When was the last time we heard a politician speak about anything but religion and caste? If our nation’s current state of affairs is monitored by an external source they would think that all Muslims are violent, all Christians are hell bent on conversion and all Hindus want to take over the nation. This is the scenario that is being portrayed in our nation and every time an election sprouts up and GOD alone knows why there exists some sort of election every 6 months, these false ideologies keep getting hyped up even further. All important topics that must be addressed get neglected or sidelined and religion is given importance.

Every day we hear at least one news about how our banks are losing money, our hard earned money that we paid with blood, sweat and tears working 8-9 odd hours is being stolen away in some format or other and no one pays attention to that. Our nation has hit lows that were not even possible, because even under these circumstances our Finance Minister, The RBI Governor and the Economic Advisor to the Government, the men who have been placed in these respected positions to solve such an issue if it were to ever rise up,  cannot seem to settle their difference and come to any sort of agreement for our nation.

I urge all my readers, that the next time someone comes to you and asks you or starts preaching about the caste, creed, color, custom, cuisine or costume of a community ask them to stop and start addressing the important things like clean air, clean water, proper education and health care. One-Third of our nation goes to bed without food. Millions of children around the year get infected with diseases that arose due to consumption of stale food or unhygienic water.

To these men we are nothing more than a ‘vote’ they see us not as humans or citizens of India but as a vote that they have to manipulate in order to stay in power for the next regime as well. They plan to sell our democracy to find victory in their cheap political games.

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