Natural Care For The Beauty In You

by Health | 01-04-2018 | 13804 views

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET FROM SUNBURN !!!                           

For this, Wearing socks is the best option. Sunblock applied on feet should also help. Twice a week, use a scrub made of coconut milk and salt or sugar on affected areas; that will clear the tan on the feet.


Once a week, make a mask using 2 tablespoons oats powder, 1 tablespoon turmeric powder and some aloe vera gel. Apply on your  legs, and allow this to dry; after 20 minutes, when it's semi-dry, scrub against the hair growth. Then rinse with warm water; follow with a cold-water rinse. The soft hairs on your  leg will fall off. gradually.

A  MANICURE AT HOME....                                                                                  

A manicure is the art of keeping your hands looking beautiful; you need to trim, clean, and shape nails, and work on your hands to make them smooth and soft. Done once a week using home remedies, it will keep your hands in good condition. Start by dipping your hands in a warm soap solution. This will soften the nails, and make them ready to be trimmed. Follow with a sugar and coconut oil scrub on the hands. Dip hands in warm water, followed by cold water. While hands are still damp, take a few drops of coconut oil or almond oil, and massage the cuticles and hands; this will improve the circulation and give you healthy nails and beautiful hands.


Castor oil is known for being a thickening agent for hair. Just take 2 drops of castor oil, and add 1 drop of rosemary oil (this oil activates hair growth), and massage this combination oil on your eyebrows twice a day. For sure, your eyebrows will get thicker and look fuller.


Cold milk is an excellent cleanser and moisturiser. Just take a cotton ball, dip in some milk, and cleanse your skin with it; follow with a cold water rinse; you may also add a few drops of rose water to the cold water - this will help cleanse and tone the skin. It's easy enough for you to do every day! 

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