Contempt of Court: HC orders to Jacob Thomas appear on Monday

by Kerala | 02-04-2018 | 272 views

Kochi : Former Vigilance director Jacob Thomas, who had raised allegations against High court  judges, did not  appear at HC for the contempt of court petition levelled against him. The Division Bench comprising  the chief justice had ordered  Jacob Thomas to appear in person at the court on Monday. Nevertheless, Jacob Thomas informed the HC that  he could not  appear at the court as his petition seeking the cancellation  of the contempt of court  charges against him is being considered by the SC. This was followed  by the Division bench asking Jacob Thomas to appear the  court again on April 9.

Jacob Thomas has filed a complaint  with the central vigilance  commissioner on March 9 stating that two HC judges are oftern raising  ciriticisms against him based on different cases. He also  gave the  relevant excerpts from his complaint to the media.


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