Vizhinjam project can't be extended; Project to complete in stipulated time : CM to Adani

by Kerala | 03-04-2018 | 358 views

Thiruvananthapuram : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has said that vizhinjam contract period cannot be extended and asked Adani Group CEO Karan Adani to complete the Vizhinjam project in the stipulated time. Karan Adani reached the Chief minister’s Chamber for a meeting with the CM. The Adani Group had earlier submitted a letter with the government seeking 16 months more time to complete the construction of the Vizhinjam international port.

Karan Adani Clarified to the CM that the project cannot be completed in the time as per the contract because of the Ockhi tragedy and the change in climate.  He also informed that the construction works has been stalled for many months now because of lack of granite and the protests regarding the restoration package. Also the two drudgers at the site, which were used to drill  the sea bed, got  damaged in the Ockhi cyclone, and the construction works can restart only after repairing  these drudgers, said Karan Adani.

Nevertheless, the CM said an extension of the contract period cannot be considered  as of now. He also suggested that new drudgers in place of the damaged ones must be brought immediately and project must be completed by December 2019.

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