Tesla cars in UAE not prone to corrosion

by Automotive | 06-04-2018 | 1634 views

The global recall of more than 1,00,000 electric cars by US carmaker Tesla will have minimal impact on its fleet in the UAE as the "excessive corrosion" problem in power steering component of the cars has been found to occur only in "very cold climates." In the UAE, some 50 Tesla electric cars haven been deployed by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority since September 2017 as part of a 200-car deal signed with the automaker in February 2017.

In addition, a few residents also own Tesla cars. The automaker explained that it has seen "excessive corrosion" in the power steering bolts of the affected vehicles. Even if the bolts fail, the driver would still be able to steer the car, but would have to use "increased force."The problem has been seen to occur in "very cold climates" where road salts are commonly used. But the company said it was recalling all affected vehicles regardless of climate, "to account for the possibility that the vehicle may later be used in a highly corrosive environment."

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