Sri Reddy Strips in Public

by Entertainment | 07-04-2018 | 1610 views

HYDERABAD: Aspiring Telugu actress – Sri Reddy on Saturday morning resorted to ‘Strip Protest’ at the office of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce at Film Nagar. The actress came to the film chamber in a salwar kameez and started slipping down to her under garments in front of video cameras and photographers. She was talking about the existence of casting couch in the Telugu film industry and claimed that several producers and directors have sexually exploited her.

She said they have demanded nude pictures and videos when she went to seek for a role. “This is the only way I can think of expressing my grief. If I have shown myself nude to several people in the film industry and despite that have got no roles, the only way I can protests is by going nude publicly”. “They give roles to actresses imported from Mumbai or others places, whereas we local girls are only sexually exploited on the promise of being given roles”. She also said that she has been denied membership of the Movie Artistes Association (MAA) despite having acted in three films.

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