3500 Hamzas; From 40 days to 85 years old

by Kerala | 09-04-2018 | 379 views

Malappuaram: From morning itself the Kottapuram Townhall was  facing unbelievable crowd, which was beyond the expectations of the organisers, as there was supposed to be around 350 people according to their calculation on what the programme is intended for. Yes..,,this is a very special day and special occassion, as the programme is only ,meant for those who are named as 'HAMZA' !! And that is why the organisers  shocked  when  there were 3500 Hamzas' in the hall .A Unique meeting of Hamzas', all from Malppuram, being from the age of just 40 days old to an age of 85 years. It was expected thatTK Hamsa, a  responsible politicial would come and inaugurate but  because of his political reasons  TK Hamsa greeted them and conveyed a  message via video live.

"We were expecting three hundred or four hundred people, but people started coming from  7 am in  the morning and we have opened  six counters for their registration, even then were full of people, we could not give them all enough food, the cap were over, the badge were over  and the rest of the people returned lack of facilities", said Organizer Louli Hamsa  to News at First.

There were  thousands of Hamzas' in the hall where 400 people can fit in. They met with each other, only those who wearing hats and badges saying 'I am Hamza' seemed everywhere. It found difficult to capture the picture of all the hamzas' in one frame but the most blissful news is that all the Hamzas' now comes under a single frame,in the pages of Limca Book of World Records. Apart from a mere gathering of Hamzas',they decided to put priority to charity works. It includes supporting and helping those who are in need of financial aid, medical aid etc. Dr. Hamsa inaugurated the function. Hamsa Baqafi presided, and Lovely Hamsa welcomed. Hamsa Amin, a native of Tirur, who was 40 days  old, was the youngest. 3 elder Hamzas' were honored at the function. The eldest head of the audience was 85.From the baby Hamza to the 85 years old Hamza,all enjoyed .

Everybody went out with  a hope to see again. The younger Hamza went with his mother while the elder Hamza went with his children.

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