The Deserved Punishment

by Blog | 14-04-2018 | 7002 views

Most of the current headlines read ‘Muslim girl raped in temple’, ‘Hindu girl raped in her residence by muslim man’, ‘Dalit girl gang raped’. When did the system care more about the caste and creed of the victim over the actual crime? Women are facing more hostility than ever before in our country. It is intolerable to know the sheer number of these incidents and even more grieving to know that twice the number of cases does not even get reported. I should have addressed the earlier sentence as ‘female’ as women would represent someone in their mature age but sexual crimes have been reported from the age of 3. Imagine a psychopath who saw a 3year old girl and had a sexual tension. I even read about a 65 year old who was raped by two youth. It isn’t the age, the size of your skirt, the time they saw you or your soberness that gets you raped. It is never ‘your’ fault that you get raped.

According to our Indian constitution the capital punishment clause goes something like “Hang till death” but the extra condition put forward is ‘mercifully’. To all my readers I ask what mercy you should give the men who raped an 8 year old under sedatives at the sanctuary of a temple? What mercy does a youth deserve to push an iron rod though a girl’s vagina just to see how far it would go?. If you ask me I do not know of anyone who has raped anyone and I am sure the same goes for 99% of my readers, yes it is just the handful inhumane ones that we read about and no amount of education might help that so if literacy won’t work, maybe fear will. Let the constitution set an example on these individuals and instill a sense of fear so that no one rich or poor, influential or not dare not lay their hands on a woman without her permission. I hope the government and those in the judiciary have the guts to implement what is just and fair.

-A concerned father, brother, friend and stranger

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