Telangana launches Hy-Fi, "Hyderabad City Wi-Fi" project

by Technology | 23-06-2017 | 1624 views

The telangana government has launched a new project named “Hyderabad City Wi-Fi” which provides wireless networking technology at over 1000 public places in the city. This project would be made at an invest of Rs. 300 crore, made by service operators and infrastructure providers.  This government had launched the pilot version of the “Hyderabad City Wi-Fi” project in June 2015. Based on its success, the government has decided to cover another 2000 locations also across Hyderabad in collaboration with Airtel, Act Fibernet, BSNL and other partners under Hy-Fi Project.

Telangana IT department Principal Secretary , Jayesh Ranjan said, “We will be adding another 2000Wi-Fi hotspots across the city in the next two months with investments from the private players. The government is also alloying the use of its own properties wherever required apart from developing a conducive policy”. ‘The project will also be extended to Telangana’s Warangal, Karimnagar and Khammam districts,’ he added.

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