The Iconic Santro is coming back to India

by Automotive | 16-04-2018 | 4219 views

The Iconic Santro  brand is coming back to India is indeed a good news for all people  who awaiting for their belove hatchback. Internally Known as Hyundai AH2, the new Hyundai Santro 2018 will receive comprehensive aesthetic updates and a pack of new features along with an all –new engine setup. However, there is no clarity whether the car will carry  the same ‘Santro badge or get a new one. Reports also stated that the 2018 Hyundai Santro might be come as a replacement to the Hyundai i10 in India.

According to reports, its comeback to market near Diwali this year. The Price of the Hyundai Santro in India is likely to approximately between 4 lakh and 6 lakh in India.  It is claimed to  a contemporary family – oriented product” woiht bigger and wider dimensions than the old model. As for now, there are no interior details of the hatch back.  Launched in 1998 , the Hyundai Santro made  a runway success in India. But Hyundai Manufacturers broke  millions of Indian hearts when it discontinued the vehicle in 2014. However, Santro lovers are awaiting for their  old horse.

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