Nip It In The Bud

by Blog | 16-04-2018 | 6866 views

Recently I had to make a journey to Chennai for a work related purpose and during my time of relaxation me and my colleague visited a local café where our next table neighbors were school children, I would place them around 14-15 years of age and there were a good lot of them maybe seven to ten, I couldn’t take count as I was stunned by the sheer horror of the topic they were discussing. 15 year old kids got together at a café and with no bother of the people around them were discussing about the exposed midriff of their physics teacher. Initially when we heard it we both stared at each other and subconsciously hoping that we heard wrong and it was our dirty mind that thought little children speaking of such illicit and indecent ways but the topic became louder and more specific and going into details and this point we went over to their table and in the calmest of manners spoke to these kids of how such fascinations is morally wrong and to always see one’s teacher, classmates co-worker with the same eyes as you see your mother and sister.

Of course one might believe that in that age, your testosterones and hormones would be skyrocketing and it was not in our place to actually judge and criticize them but in all fairness having heard the horrendous news about the 8 year old girl who was brutally raped kept ringing in our ears and this might just be how it starts. A sleazy talk amongst friends might just get them to start planning and plotting for another such incident. Who is to say that these kids who had such salacious thoughts at such an age and that too regarding your own teacher won’t highlight the news bulletin for all the wrong reasons in the future, who is to say that these thoughts won’t devour them and corrupt them into doing something heinous in the future. I believe to the full of my heart that what we did in that evening might have opened at least one of the children’s eyes and I pray that if any of the readers were to hear such audacities to kindly take a step forward. It’s much better to do something beforehand rather than post images and videos on social media of how you felt after an incident occurred.

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