Sreejith dies due to Uruttal torture; Medical Board will establish

by Kerala | 17-04-2018 | 418 views

Kochi : The post-mortem report of Sreejith who died in police custody at Varappuzha indicates that he died due to the extreme torture method called Uruttal. The report says that there were extraordinary constusions on Sreejith’s body. There are indications that a special weapon was used so that there would not be any wounds on the body. The report says that there were 18 contusions on Sreejith’s body. It has become clear that a weapon which is not sharp was used to torture Sreejith.

In this scenario, Police are mulling to form a medical board to conduct a detailed probe on Sreejith’s death. The department is mulling to submit a letter to the Directorate of Medical Education for this purpose. As contradictions were seen in the statements of policemen, who are alleged to have tortured Sreejith, the policemen may be subjected to a lie- detection test, reports Indicate. It was difficult to find who were the policemen who allegedly tortured Sreejith as there were contradictions in the statements given by the SP’s squad and the local police. The mobile phone details of the policemen will also be examined.

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