The Avengers Craze

by Blog | 19-04-2018 | 7059 views

It wouldn’t be farfetched in saying that Avenger’s Infinity Wars would be the most anticipated movie of all time. When Iron Man was first released in 2008, not even the Marvel Universe creators would have thought that in a decade’s time the movie would have been so well accepted by the mass and it would not be an understatement to say that the Marvel Franchise has created a legacy and a type of storytelling that is quickly being adopted by several.  

The one brilliant thing that the Marvel cinematic universe has come up with it’s their cast. One cannot dream about a better cast and to a good extend they kept up with the actual cannon story line which was a big boost for the faithful fans.

The Avengers Infinty Wars have released quite a number of trailers and all the forums and comment section are filled with the fans hypothesizing on how the story would turn out. The announcement that not all the characters will survive have brought about an extra hype to the fans. One thing is for sure and that is that there is most definitely an amazing twist at the end as makers have requested the fans who will see the movie to not spoil it for the others.

But a question to all the fans. If Avengers Infinity Wars 2 is a sequel to Avengers 1, where does Ant Man 2 fit in as it happens between 1 and 2. Something else to flood the comments section about.

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