Can Eyes Reveal The Secrets Of Heart ?

by Health | 20-04-2018 | 13813 views

Studies now says that our eyes  can predict risk factors for heart diseases.The study, published in the journal Nature Biomedical Engineering, showed that deep learning applied to a retinal fundus image, a photograph that includes the blood vessels of the eye, can predict risk factors for heart diseases - from blood pressure to smoking status."AI offers us the potential for new, less invasive tests for heart health - predicting cardiovascular results from retinal images with computer vision - encouraging early results!," Google CEO Sundar Pichai said on Tuesday while referring the study in a tweet.The algorithm that the researchers produced can even help predict the occurrence of a future major cardiovascular event on par with current measures, said Michael McConnell, head of Cardiovascular Health Innovations at Verily in a blog post.

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