Nurses Withdrawn the Strike; Managements against Govt.Notification

by Kerala | 24-04-2018 | 496 views

As the government announced the notification of revised slary, the nurses working in private hospitals withdrawn their Strike today. Along with that the Long March which was about to begin today has also withdrawn. The Labour Commision signed the  related notifcations yesterday. According to the Notification, the minimum salary scale of a nurse will be 20,000.

Hospital managements said that if the minimum salary of Rs 20,000 proposed by the government came into force, even the junior-most nurse would have to be paid at least Rs 33,000. The management representatives added that they were willing to pay the salary of Rs 18,232 suggested during an earlier meeting with the minister. Any additional wage burden would affect the functioning of hospitals. But the UNA, assosiation of nurses also issues a notice to the  Managements stating that the revised  slary  should come in action from this month itself or they will continue the Strike.

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