Naked Trump Statue Auctioned for $28,000 at Los Angeles

by International | 03-05-2018 | 537 views

A naked statue of Donald Trump, complete with a distended belly and jowly sneer, is to go on display at a Haunted Museum after a paranormal investigator bought it at auction.Julien's Auctions, announced Wednesday, 3 May, sold the artwork - believed to be the last of the controversial statues not vandalized or destroyed - for $28,000 (23,000 euros) at its biannual auction in Los Angeles.The infamous statue by a West Coast anarchist collective is one of a series depicting the 45th president in the nude, but without testicles.In August 2016 - during Trump's then improbable bid for the White House - the statues appeared in public spaces in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Cleveland, garnering international attention.exclusive malayalam news

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