Review from a BTech Graduate

by Entertainment | 08-05-2018 | 299 views

BTech opens to a very cliched tone. Mridul Nair's debut venture dares to take a very relevant subject and pack it with conviction whilst remaining faithful to its original genre. It deals with a very ultra-sensitive topic that needs to be heard especially in the current age where religion and prejudices dominate life. The movie circles around bunch of engineering students, that haven't completed their course who spent their mornings picking up fights inside the campus and nights drinking and merry-making. Their no care life takes a turn when an orphan joins their gang with dreams of making it big and the story takes a serious turn post interval which leaves you pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t that unexpected of. Asif Ali portrays his character very well and shed off his boy next door image.

The rest of the cast does their job pretty well and special mention to Sreenath Bhasi and Anoop Menon, but in spite of all the bold moves and the good direction that was showcased Mridul wastes a character in Aparna balamurali who plays an inconsequential lover to Asif Ali. The background music and the punch dialogues make BTech an entertaining watch, no doubt but the inclusion of unwanted action sequences, romance and partying scenes could have all been avoided as they play no part in the plot and even disrupt the narrative at points. As a fellow B.Tech graduate and someone who has a lot of BTech friends hailing from Bangalore where most of the movie is shot, the film shows justice and does not stray too much from the realms of the possible.

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