One gram fish oil to keep away osteoarthritis pain

by Health | 09-05-2018 | 16411 views

Osteoarthritis is the most prevalent form of arthritis in the world with 18 per cent of women and 9.6 per cent of men aged 60 years and over being diagnosed with this painful condition. A low-dose supplement of Fish Oil can help People suffering from osteoarthritis, says Researchers. Researchers from the University of Surrey examined the link between diet and the effective self-management of  osteoarthritis.

Analysing 68 previous studies in the field, researchers found that a low-dose supplement of  fish oil could result in pain reduction for patients with osteoarthritis and help improve their cardiovascular health. Essential fatty acids in fish oil  reduce inflammation in joints, helping to alleviate pain. Adopting a healthier lifestyle will also help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood - high blood cholesterol is known to be associated with  osteoarthritis. Vitamin K is needed for vitamin-K-dependent (VKD) proteins, which are found in bone and cartilage. An inadequate intake of the vitamin adversely affects the working of the protein, affecting bone growth and repair and increasing the risk of osteoarthritis. Patients can't expect miracles with dietary interventions if they are overweight and drink or smoke heavily. Evidence shows that smoking and heavy drinking negatively affects body energy metabolism and inflammatory markers in the liver which may promote inflammation and disease in the body.

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