Manchester City Breaking Premier League Records

by Sports | 10-05-2018 | 989 views

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are already being compared to the greatest teams that ever existed in the Premier League and with good reason to, the season are yet to end and they have already broken 3 records that existed in the league since its new inception. The ‘Cityzens’ have broken the record for the

  • Most Wins in a season
  • Most Points in a season
  • Most Goals Scored in a season

The champions of England at one point were poised to take the title unbeaten and recreate the Arsenal Invincibles but surely that is not beyond them in the coming seasons to follow under Pep who has achieved this in only his second season. It is true that he broke the bank to make some very lavish signings but the squad is relatively young and they could well be on their way to be  super power if the same chemistry that they exhibited in the first half of the season is repeated. After winning the title, their focus next season would be on securing Europe’s biggest prize - the Champion League which has not left the clutches of Real Madrid for the past 2 years in  a row.

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