Malayalam Movie - Ee Ma Yau Review

by Entertainment | 14-05-2018 | 362 views

Lijo Jose Pellissery has outdone himself in his new venture. He continues to do the films he has been doing but each movie excelling the other. While Mayanadhi related to the middle class city folk in me, Ee Ma Yau made me feel like I was there while all the incidents were unfolding. The movie follows a small plot and how the characters in the story influence it. There are no big names in the cast and there is no punch dialogues or mass scenes. The story is told by how the characters react to each situation. Some light humor and moral values are introduced as the story goes, there has been no specific timing for either, it just happens.

The direction was an absolute class as Lijo Jose stuck to long continuous shots throughout the movie. There were shots were the dynamic frame had one character in focus at the beginning of the shot and he would move away after giving some instruction to the next character in focus all in the same single shot. The conversation and interactions between the characters are so original that in some way you can picture yourself within the commotion. The relatively new actors were given ample screen space as he did not try to move the story line through two amazing talents in the name of Vinayakan and Chemban Vinod.

There is no movie enthusiast that would dare question the quality of acting of these two fine actors and it was well shown within the movie, but to finish the movie without showcasing a bit of brilliance from them both would be a crime and that is exactly what the director did. He waited till the final shots to showcase true brilliance as both of them stole the show in their respective scenes.

The background score and its fluctuation was done to near perfection and the climax leaves us with a sense of something that is still missing.

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