DeadPool 2 Review

by Entertainment | 21-05-2018 | 626 views

You must have lived under a rock if you did not see even one marketing gimmick of the Dead Pool movie and in all honesty even though the movie might not have required such outrageous hype to make it a success; it’s in the DNA of the movie to keep the audience guessing. The movie followed a rather straight forward plot with few uncharacteristic heart touchy moments also but beyond all that the movie is what it is because of the brilliance of one man – Ryan Reynolds who in real life is also amazingly quick witted and funny. Ryan portrays the un-killable anti-hero perfectly and there are plenty of moments in the movie that will literally get us laughing out loud. There are also numerous real life references and several scenes that break the fourth wall and it’s safe to say that Dead Pool is probably the only movie which can pull it off so brilliantly.

The movie is the right mix of action, comedy and entertainment. The directors did not increase the nonsense levels nor did they shine all the lime light at Dead Pool. The main cast of the movie had ample screen space and the interactions between them were always solid; usually to make it funnier the characters are sometimes dumbed up on purpose. The surprising cameos are also a brilliant treat to watch.

I would suggest to watch the movie for the laugh and it will be 2 hours well spent. 4/5 is my verdict.

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