Helping hands of Dubai police for prisoners families; providing Dh 7 million aid

by Gulf | 03-06-2018 | 6502 views

Dubai: In the world level police system dubai police have a special appearance and credibility to give best services to the citizen. there is no discrimination manner in any kind of services. That is why the people most liked the dubai police. Now dubai police providing Dh.7 million aid for 1,236 inmates at the dubai central jail at the part of commemorate the year of zayed.

Dubai police expecting the support will be helpful for inmates families to maintain their family expenses. The General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions has extended its efforts to help inmates' families in co-operation with charitable organisations. So they providing the aid to the prisoners families. Social assistance provided to the inmates also increased to 30 percent.

There is no complication to find out the aid amount for dubai police. The aid came in a number of ways. These include: paying off inmates' debts; helping out their families by giving allowance to needy families and sponsoring the schooling of some of the inmates' children. The administration also paid for hospital fees of inmates' wives during childbirth. If the family facing any kind of financial issues this aid will help to solve the problems.

The assistance contributed to a change in the behaviour of the prisoners in penal and correctional institutions. "These institutions' roles are no longer just imprisonment but also to rehabilitate inmates and help them integrate into society," said the Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions in a statement.

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