Kaala Movie Streamed Online

by Entertainment | 07-06-2018 | 388 views

Media Piracy has reached an all-time peak when a ‘Thalaiva’ fan streamed the first 40 minutes of the recently released ‘Kaala’ on his Facebook social media platform. A person whose Facebook profile reads the name "Praveen Thevar" had started broadcasting a live stream of Kaala from a theatre in Singapore. The movie premiered much earlier in Singapore when compared to Tamil Nadu and the overzealous fan took it upon himself to share what he I seeing.  The entire Tamil Film Industry and all of Rajinikanth fans were shocked to see that Kaala is being streamed live on FB. It was none other than Vishal Krishna, a prominent voice of the Tamil film industry and who heads Tamil Nadu Films Producers' Council (TFPC), who proved to be a real-life hero by averting a major digital crime by getting the fan arrested. “It wasn't an easy job. We had to push really hard for his arrest as this was a crime committed outside India. But now that it's done, the arrest sends out the right signal to all potential piracy offenders who may not even be aware that they are guilty. Lots of people think recording scenes and songs on their phone are okay. But it is not okay. It is a serious crime. We want the potential offenders to know we have zero tolerance for piracy in any form. If we want to save the film industry we need to stop talking and start acting” said the Tamil/Telugu digital-crime thriller Irumbhai Thirai/Abhimanyudu star.

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