Lesbian couple commits suicide after throwing girl child in Sabarmati

by National | 12-06-2018 | 590 views

A Lesbian couple Committed suicide in Ahmedabad by jumping into the Sabarmati river after they threw a 3 year old girl into the water. The girl was the daughter of one of the deceased women, Gujarat Police said on Monday.

They apparently committed suicide in the wee hours. It appears that they first threw the kid into the river before jumping off the Ellis Bridge, said MS Singh, Inspector at women's police station in Ahmedabad.

The deceased Have been identified as Asha Thakor, 30, her daughter Megha and Bhavna Thakur, 28, who has left Behind 2 sons. The Police said they would question the husbands of both the deceased women to get clarity on the case but clarified that they had ruled out the possibility of the women taking the extreme step due to harassment from family members.

According to Police, initial reports suggested that the two women were co-workers at a factory in Bavla and are likely to have arrived in Ahmedabad city on Sunday night.

'The two Women committed suicide due to complications arising out of their lesbian relationship.' the news agency quoted a police official as saying.

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